April 2012 Newsletter

Well we have been flood affected once again unfortunately. It did not get into our house like last time but with only 1” to spare however, it did get into the hay shed (more yucky work cleaning it out) and a third of our land is out of action until we can fix fences. The worst problem it caused was not being able to get to our sale bulls to feed them for 2 weeks. Luckily they had plenty of grass even though it was poking out of the water so they survived but lost weight which of course was the reverse of was wanted. Anyway they still look nice, and better mud than dust!

Both ourselves and Waroona weighed and measured our bulls and I have attached a spreadsheet of supplementary information for your interest. I will bring attention to one heifer NJS F33 who unfortunately had a dead calf. She is a sweet natured thing though and readily fostered a very nice bull calf whose mother did not love him. We have put the sale up on Auction Plus as we know getting away can be difficult. It would be great if you can attend though, even if only out of interest. Friday 27th April at Central Wet Livestock Exchange at Forbes.

Devanah Easy E28 1035 kgs, 135 cm EMA, 10/10 fat

Devanah Easy E28 1035 kgs, 135 cm EMA, 10/10 fat

We took (or rather Andrew Green did) NJS E28 Devanah Easy and NJS F32 Devanah Fellini to both Canberra Royal and Dubbo Beef Spec. As it is Easy’s last chance for a show now having passed 36 months and as a working sire we were very pleased that he was awarded Senior Champion Bull at Canberra and won his class at Dubbo. Howard Charles from Kydrabah donated an impressive pewter mug all engraved which is in pride of place on our mantel. Diana designed a great advert for him so have attached that also. Easy’s second drop of calves have been arriving and we are very pleased with them. A number of Easy’s G calves are included in the Genotype Project including some nice bulls by him for next years sale.

Fellini came first but although nice and solft is still rather calfy looking and had not had much show preparation so that was it.  Donald Monley who owns his sire was at Canberra and commented that he won’t reach his full potential between 3 and 4 years and has a high opinion of him.  We used him as a yearling and have some lovely calves arriving with 6 heifers and 4 bulls so far.

Devanah Fellini F32 850kgs 115 cm EMA 10/10 fat

Devanah Fellini F32 850kgs 115 cm EMA 10/10 fat

With regard to the Genotype Project we put up 15 bulls and 15 heifers with sires represented being NJS E28, NJS E26, NJS E6 AND NJS C10. We look forward to seeing the outcomes of this in the near future. We have sold C10 and also E26 but not before we had used him again and have several H calves already arrived. E26 is by Walteela Ultra Bright WTA R66 who was a Junior Champion at the National and caught our eye, and out of one of our favourite cows NJS V12.

When the CA issue was flagged we decided to bite the bullet and tested all our sires that we had genetic material for, our oldest dams and also those animals that we could not clear by inheritance. As a result with the exception of 1 female line that we missed we are either clear or clear by inheritance and do not have to worry about it anymore. We were lucky as we know a number have found carrier animals and that having a low % does not mean they may not be carriers.

Our joining is fast approaching but we have decided to wait until after our sale to finalise other than NJS E28, NJS F32 and NJS U6. For our H calves we did some AI and have MCA A16, 4W T40 & MKJ D28 calves on the ground so it will be interesting to watch their progress – always exciting!

Will keep this to 2 pages so wishing everyone a great year with good sales and prices and successful and exciting breeding programmes.

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