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Murray Greys and Colour.

Had a conversation this morning about coat colour in Murray Grey’s. Roger Houghton has done quite a lot of work on this so can most likely explain it better. We are based on Angus which would normally be black/black but some also carry the red gene so black/red. To display red both the sire and the dam need to be …

Alex McDonald Letter to Editor of The Land re “White Angus” feature

2015 Newsletter

Devanah July 2015 Newsletter

Devanah Newsletter December 2013

  DEVANAH MURRAY GREY STUD NEWSLETTER DECEMBER, 2013 Hi fellow Murray Grey people Firstly at long last we have had our web page re-done.  Please have a look when you can and let us know what you think or any ideas for improvement. This has been a year of extremes for us with the first half dry and dire …

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December 2012 Newsletter

Been a very busy year for us and I expect yourselves also. Murray Greys have done very well in steer competitions and we think it is an important activity to maintain for our profile. Red Bend Catholic College at Forbes prepared and exhibited one of our steers by NJS C10 at Sydney Royal Easter Show 2012. He competed in Class …

April 2012 Newsletter

Well we have been flood affected once again unfortunately. It did not get into our house like last time but with only 1” to spare however, it did get into the hay shed (more yucky work cleaning it out) and a third of our land is out of action until we can fix fences. The worst problem it caused was …

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November 2011 Newsletter

Attached is an invitation to enter Murray Grey & Murray Grey Cross females for sate in conjunction with the Devanah/Waroona Production Sale to be held on Friday 27th April, 2012. We will have a nice offering of bulls and stud females so it should be an exciting day. Given we are using the Central West Livestock Exchange at Forbes for …

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April 2011 Newsletter

We hope that everyone is having a good year thus far. At “Heybridge”, the wet conditions during 2010 produced abundant paddock feed, and has set up a good opening for 2011. Commercial prices have been fantastic for those who have animals to sell. Our weaner steers that averaged 305kgs made $752 and this trend looks set to continue. Our most …

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