November 2011 Newsletter

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Attached is an invitation to enter Murray Grey & Murray Grey Cross females for sate in conjunction with the Devanah/Waroona Production Sale to be held on Friday 27th April, 2012. We will have a nice offering of bulls and stud females so it should be an exciting day. Given we are using the Central West Livestock Exchange at Forbes for the sale we thought it a good idea to include an opportunity to showcase Murray Greys away from the other breeds. We will include the details of your entries in our catalogue free of charge provided we have them to hand by the 15th January, 2012. Entries after this time will be included if we can in the catalogue but at any rate they are welcome up until the week before the sale. A month is needed to put together the catalogue, proof it, print it and then it will take us a good couple of weeks to mail out (all MG members plus our clients).

For the stud stock part of the sale, Roger Evans of Bovine Scanning Services scanned and assessed the structure of all of our ‘F’ animals in November. Only those who have satisfied both our own and Roger’s assessment on quality will be included.

Melbourne 2012 is a Murray Grey Feature Show and we are planning to send Devanah Fellini F32 (by Monterey Blockbuster). He is an outstanding animal for the breed and we have high hopes for him. We joined him to our ‘E’ tag first calvers and some ‘D’ tag second calvers and he did an excellent job. We are looking forward to these arriving in Autumn.

Our 2012 ‘G’ calves (by a number of our young bulls) are doing well and we are very pleased with the progress they are making. We intend to also retain Devanah Easy E28 (by Lindsay West) and he is growing into a big, long, B muscle, very structurally correct sire with a quiet temperament.

Some of you may have heard about recessive genes in Angus cattle, and that a small number of MG’s have been found to be carriers of CA Fawn Calf genetic disease. To our knowledge, neither of the other two diseases affecting Angus are indicated. The status for each animal is scheduled to be published on their ABRI pedigree (same format at for Angus) on the 1st December. We have been testing our sires and dams and so far have not found any carriers (and do not expect to). By sale date all of the animals we are presenting will be either tested free or free by inheritance.

We used the new Coopers 8 in 1 vaccine that amongst other things confers 12 months protection for pulpy kidney. It was a bit nerve wracking going into the high risk feed months – but it worked! The only issue is that the dosage is greater and it is harder to avoid abscess’s but with only an annual booster now required well worth the extra care needed. With another wet summer predicted to be in front of us we are going to maintain our ephemeral fever vaccination for the breeding females and sale bulls as this gave us peace of mind at calving.

Visits to our farm are always welcome.

Wishing you and your families all the best for the festive season.

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